Art Prize and Technology

smartphones           Each year as Art Prize goes on, the amount of technology used to make these art pieces come alive has been greatly increasing. Just from my experience with going to Art Prize I noticed a lot of use of technology. Some artist use lights with their art to emphasize it more or a certain part- especially at night. Some artists do this to create more focus to one more and to convey a deeper meaning behind their work. One of the main uses of technology through Art Prize is the voting system. You may vote on your favorite works of art through your phone. Christian Gaines, the director or Grand Rapids Art Prize has stated that “ArtPrize has used technology not just to attract artists and venues but to register the public and then get them to vote. That’s a unique concept. Normally when you talk about social networking, you throw as wide a net as possible, trying to get as many followers or likes as possible. But this is really about the audience taking part in the event and really participating.” This really puts the audience right in the center and heart of Art Prize and makes them feel more involved. In an article written by Mark Stryker, he says that “More than 415,000 ballots were cast in 2012 via Smartphone, text message and the internet.” Each year social media technology grows and attracts more people to Art Prize and creates more of an interest for people to come out and vote.

Just from visiting Art Prize, I can see that so much technology goes into creating this competition from voting; attracting an audience, set up and the artists work themselves. Most of the art I have seen there was done with some sort of technology. Some made use of lights, others used it to make their art move around and actually come alive. Other artists used it for sounds or special effects on their piece to give it more of character and personality. One of the contestants from the 2012 Art Prize says his piece would “incorporate an original horse drawn plow [technology] grown over with roots similar to Osage a human skull will also be detained by the roots, and perched on the beam of the plow will be a Great Horned Owl [wisdom] . All the elements except the plow will be formed from metal using various techniques, forging, welding and a heavy form of repose using different hammers and tools some fabricated for this work. I am amazed at how far technology has advanced since I was a child; I am using it at this moment to enter ArtPrize 2012.” It just really shows you that technology can be used (and is used) in so many different ways for ArtPrize now. It lets artists make their work come alive and make it more unique than art has been done in the past.

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